A Decentralized World is about exploring and explaining new and upcoming technologies we can use to make the world a better place. Everything we write about is both open source and free of anyone controlling the core network. 

There are many sites covering Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance, but not enough explaining new technologies that could give us more freedom and control over our online lives. At the same time there are daily complaints about how constricting and manipulative  massive social networks and the tech giants are becoming with few solutions to escape their grasp.

How can we build alternatives to all these online monopolies that are free, open and uncontrolled by anyone? How can we build an internet where every decision and experience is up to the user? 

You should be able to choose how much data you want to share, how you want to virtually socialize with friends, who gets to be part of your online world and who should be blocked. You could outsource these decisions of course, as many billions have to Facebook or Twitter, but this decision should be yours to make. 

We’ve given up far too much freedom and power to massive corporations and nation states who seek to redefine the internet in their image, with only content they approve of and desire. A Decentralized World is about showing you how you can take back this freedom and power.¬†

It’s about building an online world where openness and freedom of choice are the guiding light. A better world for everyone.