A Decentralized World

The internet is becoming more and more centralized. Corporations are building bigger, prettier gardens with ever higher walls around their territory, ensuring no one can leave even if they wish. Demand for accountability falls on deaf ears as these companies realize the power they wield.  

This centralization is killing our creative freedom; forcing us into a digital world designed by a handful of people, and increasingly by AI that decides what’s best for us, stifling our free will.

We plan to reverse that, and this site is the start of that mission. It’s about the technologies and systems we can use to build decentralized networks: social networks, storage networks, financial networks. Networks that no one can control, censor or destroy. Networks that bring more freedom and diversity to our lives. 

If you wish to join us on this journey, here’s what we recommend reading next:

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  • Decentralized Trust – How can we build decentralized social media without it being overrun by Bots, Trolls, Haters and Spam.

You can see the latest posts on the blog here.

Building this is a mission for all of us, and communication is a two way street. Let us know the technologies you want examined or your ideas for the future, and we’ll help get the word out. Together we can build a world we all enjoy. Run by us, not some oligarchs in a land far, far away.